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BuzzinVR is a place to find immersive VR (virtual reality) entertainment to improve your emotional health, innovative VR creative workshops for gaming, creativity, team building confidence, and 3D platforms for your unconventional virtual events.
Get ready to experience a breathtaking adventure! Virtual reality will take you to a 3D world where the most advanced sensor technology will follow your every move. You will use your senses in the interactive journey: sight, touch and hearing. No matter what you do - play games, solve puzzles, meditate or compete with another team, you will feel completely immersed in virtual reality!
Yes! VR entertainment is perfect for company team building events and virtual meetings. During team games, you will solve puzzles, try to solve the riddles of the virtual escape room, play sports games and engage in many other fun activities. 
Virtual reality entertainment can take place all over Lithuania, remotely and in a hybrid way.

While browsing the BuzzinVR page, you'll find a selection of 3D venues. In the description of each venue you will find a link to the DEMO presentation. If you have chosen or want to consult about 3D venues, click the "ASK" button and we will offer You the best solution!

Using Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, our virtual reality entertainment is suitable for individuals 13+ years of age. Younger children can also have fun with parental care.

We assure you that the use of VR equipment is completely safe. Trained instructors will help you every step of the way - explain how to use the equipment, how to use the equipment and ensure a smooth journey to virtual reality. All the actions you take will actually take place in virtual reality, so there’s really nothing to worry about!
VR equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each use, so you can avoid fear of the spread of bacteria and viruses. All staff follow hygiene requirements according to the recommendations of the Republic of Lithuania SAM.
Yes! VR goggles are designed to be worn in conjunction with corrective goggles.
Virtual reality experiences are interactive, but no special clothing is really needed. Dress comfortably!

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